League rules

General operation  

RĂ¡dical Padel is a reservation and competition matches padel platform, where any one can organize his own competition, with comparisons and level evolution graphs, classification, chat, notifications, reminders and many other functionalities, developed with the contribution and recommendations of more than 40,000 players, so they have organized more than 600,000 matches..

The players organize or sign up matches individually and pointed their results theirselves with total flexibility, having multiple filters such as selecting couple, sex, favorite players, players level who can sign up, etc.

Organize or create a match

You can organize a match, selecting date, time and club, and, you can optionally select these filters:

Open: Any player will can join it.
Level: Only for level players you choose.
Favorites: To those who you have marked as your favorites. Those who are not favorites do not see the match.
Sex: male, female and/or mixed
By raffle: Couples are raffling on court.
With a partner: You can choose a partner (the match will be published when confirming your partner)
Friendly or tournament: Only tournament matches will count points for classification.

If you are doing any change, you must notify the rest of your match players.

Join to a match

You can sign up for any match you see in your session with the corresponding "point to me" button, committing to attend it.


     - If more than 3 days are missing for the celebration, you can cancel your participation by driving you.
     - If less than 3 days are missing, you must go or look for a substitute (the program will facilitate you the substitute search option).

Penalty if not going  

If you are signed up in a match and you not go or don´t go a substitute in your place, you will be penalized up to 3 points of your personal classification. In addition, the Organization may block your access until you have paid the full amount court.

If it happens as second time, your access in the current edition will be disabled.

This penalty will be extensible to the match organizer if:

     - Make changes of date or cancel a match without making sure that all players have been notified about those changes.
     - He would not reserved the court, even if it has been replaced. We mind: the court reservation must be done by the player who created the match.


Other specifications

You can sign up for a maximum of two daily marches on the same day, except the last 5 days of the League, which can only be participated in a single match each day.

However, if playing two games on the same day:

     - There must be a one hour and half difference between the both matches beginning.
     - The second match cannot be played with the same players as the first one.
     - You cannot open or aim in a game after it has been played.

If these rules are being infringed, the second match played will be eliminated or will be penalized the player who has introduced the result.